Charector Spawn location is different than the PlayerStart

My Player Start is set to Location 0,0,0

I have a standard Floor scaled to .15, .15, .15

My Character Location at the start of the game is 0,0,-22.5

Changing the capsul component to HalfHeight 1, and Radius 1 allos the character location to be set to 0,0,0.

Is something shifiting its location?

when you try to spawn an actor it checks if it’s colliding, if you try to spawn an actor inside another actor and they’re blocking eachother then the “spawner” will spawn it somewhere else, in a place that they don’t block eachother look at this ss as example, i’ve tried to spawn a zombie inside the ground with Z=0, but then it starts to block eachother when i simulate the game, then it tries to spawn it somewhere else:

you can change the settings about what should be done in collision on spawn here: