Charcter Creation Question

This may be a silly question, but when creating a character model for a game which will have changeable clothing and gear is it necessary for the initial model to be nude or in their underwear?

Thanks in advance

This might help U

[QUOTE=A GUPTA;634150]
This might help U[/QUOTE]

That is a very helpful video, thanks! I’m sure we’ll make use of the information. I have two models which were created and delivered clothed. While this will work for now, the ability to change apparel is going to be needed in time. Aside from asking the developer to revisit these models can the clothed models still be used as we need them to be or must they start out nude (as in the video)?

Clothed models … yeah they can still be used .But, if U wanna add functionality or already have started working on models creating the animations all along then I think replace refernce option works well here.