Charakter/ Environment Artist

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Freelance- or contract work in charakter-, environment- and prop- design,
Remote work only.

Modelling, rigging and texturing, modular workflows,
planing and executing of game Assets.
Import and setting in the engine. Shape Keys, morphs, clothing (Basic), animation (Basic), Sculpting (Blender)
My workflow is from Low- to Highpoly.

I have a basic knowledge about game development and I bring experience in teamwork from some hobby Projects.

I have been working with Blender, the Substance Painter and the Unreal Engine since more than five years.

I have a Basic knowledge in Substance Designer.
In the Ue4 I also have Basic knowledge
Iam able to create and place assets from the first draft to a gameready asset in the engine.
I have a variety of knowledge in various texture techniques and can
provide reliable working assets to a team.

In blender and the Substance Painter I have very good knowledge, I am stylistically adaptable and work purposefully.
Basic knowledge in Substance Designer.

I attach great importance to the reproducibility and consistent quality of assets and textures and a non destrucitve workflow.

All production phases are clearly arranged and can be transferred to another team member at any point.
I preferably model in the low to midpoly range and can cope with all the specifications to me.

In case of a serious and well-elaborated request, I would of course make a corresponding test work.

If you are interested, you can visit me on my website or my Art Station portfolio.
My native language is german.

I thank you for your interest
Kind regards