Those programs are so expensive though! there great… But so %@%^#^ EXPENSIVE!

Developing a commercial product is not cheap. You have to spend money somewhere.

I purchased the entire Allegorithmic suite of programs so that I could have a user-friendly method of texture artistry that I understood better than the Material editor. I’ve also bought a lot of Marketplace content. All these things are for covering my shortcomings so that maybe one day as a fairly unskilled person I can produce some working content. You either have the skill or the money, but without one of those you won’t have anything.

I used unity before I came here. I have some idea of what to do.
I’m also trying to look for free stuff because I’m paying for these expensive things plus I’m only in highschool.

I’ll stick with the free stuff

mixamo is 100% free now. adobe bought it. you can make a free account and download the full 1.3 version of fuse. you can also download every premade character they have now for free. they also give away 20 single use animations for free and about 8 basic walk animations(basic movement) and all the auto rigging you want for free so long as the character is generated in fuse, All characters outside of fuse are limited to 10 free auto rigs per free account. for the time being you cannot buy anything from mixamo as they are in the process of integration with photoshop cc.

ive been playing with fuse the last few days and you can change allot of the details on the characters, they range from skinny to fat to old meshes and textures, they even have a few zombie ones and some military and doctor clothing(among others). i was going to use the default characters until i saw they made the program free… so im messing with it to make some neat filler characters for my game. the only issue is you cant use the ‘decimator’ tool unless you already have access via previous payment. so all characters come out of the program at one specific detail level for the mesh.(textures go up to 2K if you want, default is 1K)

Which one should I use? Which is better for me?

you mean between UE4 and unity ?

no I mean between blender and mixamo

both are extremely different… At some point you’ll have to use blender. Like, when your free animations are gone (in mixamo) you’re gonna have to create your own (which is not that difficult. took me just two days to understand basic animation in blender). Plus, if you want to go into details and stuff like that, for example I don’t think Fuse has dragon wings (does it ?) . so you’ll have to go into blender to create them.

Oh and btw i’m in high school too bro :v

I use both.

  1. In Fuse, I created a man in a minute, but I saw that the top of his boots clipped outside his trousers, so
  2. I exported him as an .OBJ into blender (without deleting occluded vertices), corrected the problem (took about 10 seconds), then
  3. imported the new .OBJ back into Fuse, where I
  4. uploaded it to the website for auto-rigging.
  5. I downloaded it as an Unreal .FBX, and
  6. imported it into the Unreal Engine.

This took about 10 mins., saving me days/weeks/months.

I actually meant makehuman or mixamo


I was gonna make a video game based on this concept

Price wise. Blender. Plus, it has a nice community and great tools.

Are there any games made like the above concept?

It can be any type of game

Honestly, I’m going to have to say that’s hardly a concept for a game you have there. A piece of concept art? Maybe. Is it your piece of art? Or is it someone else’s art?

A lot of elements go into making a game, and a lot of work goes in as well; this is why for a lot of the bigger budget games you see take teams of a hundred or more, with a ton of artists, animators, sound engineers, etc. all working on it at the same time. Expect a lot of work if you’re wanting to put this character into a game all by yourself!

I know. I don’t want to make a huge big budget game like bioshock or something. I just want to see if I can develop a game that has this type of art style maybe and I’ll go from there

Both are awesome and super easy too. And for your ‘concept’ . Of course dude there’s got to be at least one videogame which has characters like that. Also, if you want it to look exactly like It looks like in the pic (i’m talking about the anime/cartoony look) you’re gonna have to take a look at ‘cel-shading’ (I think that’s what its called). And also, you have to try doing characters by yourself, you know like, seeing which way suits you the best. so try them all… also, remember. ‘Practice makes perfect’

good luck bro !

alright thanks. I’ll see what I can come up with because I have a really good idea of a game :smiley:

The download size for Fuse is so large though