Characters setup, what way to best go?

Hi, does any of you guys/girls know how to best setup one or two playable characters that will mount onto eatchother, like in rider bike/horse combination.

  • Would you go by integrating the ridermesh directly into the ridable bike horse BP as a hidden mesh?
  • Would you keep the rider and rideable in seperated BP?

So for example i want a game were the playercharacter walks around the world and can mount/dismount various types of playable pawns/characters, (car, bike, horse standalone, horse-wagon combination and so on)

I already have a topic in the animation section of the forum where you see what the problem is.

I ask this here just to have a idea of people using this kind of gameplay and puch me in the right direction to best start in a expandable, easy to use way of doing instead of making it look like its doing it correct.

i have two projects were i do some testings one integrated onto and one seperated two BP. the problem is the animations for some reason do not get all the input (Speed, Direction) passed to the BPA when using the seperated project, on the integrated project by using switching visibility the anim bp does it . but then you need to make all rideable objects have all the meshes you want be hidden on them. bit crazy i think.

Thx for replaying

Depends. I would keep them separate and socket one to the other. BP communication works just fine, you probably just need to learn how to pass the values properly.

Hi, yes i just setup a new project just to do those interactions and passing trues. i will see how it goes.

A update: we managed to play the animations of the rider during possessing the horse and ride it. this is still the basic movements but thanks for the info that pointed me in the good direction.