Characters seem to hover a few units above the floor

I’ve experimented with the FPS template as well. Looks like characters hover a few units above the floor. I enabled “Show Collision” and the collision capsule itself is definitely hovering here.

Is this an expected thing? I never noticed this until UE 4.18.

I suppose I could force the character mesh down a few units to make the feet touch the floor correctly (Though IK will soon solve it anyway)

Have you tried editing that skeletals mesh physics asset? It should be in same folder as actual skeletal mesh is.

I just tested the Third Person Template and my character is definitely touching the ground floor. Do you have anything added to the character in the character_blueprint, which could have it’s own collision?

I found these similar issues:…-higher-o.html Maybe it’s intended.

Also found this: Tiny capsule component offset? - #3 by zeroexception - C++ - Unreal Engine Forums

I did try messing with the physics asset and removing those foot collisions in case it was somehow affecting the ground collision just to see what happens.

I can’t think of anything else adding to the collision.

I tried the first person template and added a Plane to the exact bottom of the collision capsule. I kept moving the plane down and it only stopped being visible when it was about 3 units below the bottom of the capsule. I’d assume the plane would stop being visible if moved even 1 unit lower.

The problem will fix itself once I add IK to the feet for standing on arbitrary floors or if I were to move the model itself down a few units.

@spacegojira did you try a brand new project or your own? It’s possible your character also has some kind of foot IK added or is pushed down by a few units. Or maybe they purposely push the model down a few units by default in the 3rd person sample, to compensate.