Character's problem, hands not in the right place, please help

Hi guys for some reason my character’s arms are not in the right place and when he dies he is streching across the map. I will upload an image now, can you please help me, I don’t know how to solve this. Thank you

Hey, is the character rigged? (the mesh rigged to a skeleton for animation)? Looks with the stretching at the wrist as maybe the character was rigged in one pose where the rigging worked for that pose, then ue4 is using another pose where for some reason the hand bones are in a different rotation/location causing the stretching?

Looks like the wrist joint has been rotated 180deg and the skeleton hand bone runs behind the hand rather than through the middle of it so the hand is orbiting round the bone rather than rotating with it…

Not sure why he’s stretching across the map, maybe need to add screenshot of that as well…

@Mach45 Hey, first of all thank you for your answer. I fix the character stretching after death problem (physics asset and constraint was the problem), but i do not know how to fix this, do you have any suggestions, I retarget the character, animations are working perfectly but still its annoying to see that his hands are not in the right place :smiley:
There is no way to change positions of bones now or something like that ?
Could be ragdoll ?

Hey, good you’ve sorted the other issue out.
Not too sure, I’m not an expert with animation and only know the workflow I’ve used with my characters using 3ds max… Also haven’t tried retargeting before…
You could try a few things I guess to track it down… Could be something to do with the retargeting process or possibly something to do with the original rigging…? Did you retarget using the same skeleton or retarget the character to a different skeleton? Did you have to retarget the character? Was the character rigged and animated before retargeting and if so was the problem visible before?

I will check everything, thank you bro :slight_smile:
If I find the answer I will post it here :slight_smile: