Characters head and camera glitch through walls

When I walk with my character against a wall or walk sideways against a wall the camera and the head glitches through the wall even though there is a pretty big collision on the wall.

I am using a true first person camera, so you can see the body and stuff.

I already edited the near clipping plane but this had no effect.

How can I solve this? It is really annoying.

Have your tried making the camera a child of a spring arm and then make the spring arm a child of your character.


then put the camera at 0,0,0 and position the spring arm to put your camera where you want it.
When you walk up to a wall now the spring arm should move the camera so that it does not glitch through the wall.

Does this work for a true first person camera?

yes, there is only one type of camera mines just named differently.

I meant, does this work with the third person template and then the camera moved so that you can see your whole body? The tutorials didn’t have a SpringArm in them.

It doesn’t work, it makes the whole camera spring if you walk against a wall.

Did you find a solution since i also did the true first person(body awareness) and it is clipping trough walls and creating lot’s of weird issues. I already know about the near clip plane setting but i saw a thread where a programmer warn about Z fighting issues so i am at lost on how to solve this one so far.