Characters go T-pose

Hello everyone.
I have a weird issue. In my project I have few characters children of one character class. All the characters works just fine apart from 2 of them. Every time I open UE4 (4.9 and 4.10) those two characters lose their AnimBP and reset their location and rotation resulting in T-Pose. I had the same problem with another mesh and reimporting did fix it. I tried to reimport the meshes but no luck.
Anyone have any idea why is that?


This is getting really annoying now. The characters go into t-pose even in packaging!!!

I added OnBeginPlay setRelativeLocation, SetRelativeRotation and SetAnimBPclass as a work around. But still don’t know why this problem is happening in the first place. Tho I changed the mesh (same character but exported a new version) and the problem is still there. I kinda convinced it’s the BP_Character_Child class that has an issue but don’t know how to investigate it.