Characters go crazy

Hi !
i’m really lost…
I’m following a tutorial step by step (Moize Opel on youtube) my warrior character is finished but now i have 2 problems :

1- Not a big problem, when i click on my warrior (for the selec screen) nothing happends, the camera won’t change, but it does work when i click on his shoulders only (got the big capsul otherwise)…

2- The biggest problem, when i selected my character, if i move, it moves every other character… but they do not have any code in blueprint. I’m really stuck on this one. (and i don’t know if it change something, but in the explorer tab, for the blueprint preview i can see every character on it… but when i open the BP everything it’s fine, with one mesh etc…)

Oh and i’m using 4.12.5 and i tried on 13.2 but they’re still there…
Thanks you ! Hope someone can save me ! ^-^

EDIT : Click and Characters problem - YouTube

Kind of seems like it could be an issue with collision, can you play in viewport then open the console and enter Show Collision.
See if any of the collision shapes look wrong, post a screenshot if you aren’t sure.

Well… i don’t think it looks so bad :confused:
I mean… maybe all this stuff make them bump ? But they do move only when i do and i don’t see anything that makes me hit them or could move them.
NEVERMIND !! i didn’t see that giant line on my warrior, i think it’s because of this. Checking and i’ll tell you ^^

Thank you ! it was because of collision with my sword, there was a giant plane…