Character's feet off the floor - Only during walk animation

I’ve been trying the iClone trial version. I made a character. All default options. No major changes. I exported the character with 2 animations. 1 Idle. 1 Walk.

I’m blending between these 2 with blendspace. I’ve setup the Character blueprint and animation blueprint. Everything works as expected until the walk animation starts playing.

I made a video.

If you look at the idle animation in the beginning, the character’s feet are on the floor. Moving the character a few units down in the viewport in Character BP fixes the walk animation but makes the character’s feet goes underground in Idle animation.

Other things I’ve done.

  1. I’ve deleted the Physics asset.
  2. I’ve deleted the mesh and reimported with Create Physics asset “unchecked”
  3. I’ve tried opening the walk animation in Persona and pulled the root bone translation down a bit but this had zero effect on anything.
  4. Ditched both animations and replaced the idle and walk animations with the ones from Mixamo. Nothing changed. Same issue. Idle is good. Walk is off the floor.

I don’t understand why Idle animation works perfectly but walk lifts the character off the floor.

I’m a programmer and still learning UE4. I can do some patched up modeling and animations but nothing professional. That is why I’m trying out these character creation software so I can build something decent than moving blocks around. Any pointers anyone?

OK so when using a character BP it’s not the character animation that is moving the player model but rather the movement component and the character model is glued to the capsule. When you pull the character BP into the world you can more or less place it any where you wish but when spawned gravity physics kicks in and will place the character relative to the translation of the movement component capsule so to align the character to the ground the feet should be positioned just below the capsule.

Just need to grab the parent mesh component and move it down. You can even do this with an active view port

Thanks for the reply. I just fixed this. I imported the animation into Maya LT. Selected the root bone and set all Y translation (Maya LT) values to -6 range (Previously this was between -1 and -2). That got the character on the floor. Although its not perfect, I figured out the issue. This animation needs a lot of work. Extreme tweaking. Maya LT is not the greatest tool for this but I cannot afford MotionBuilder at the moment. Motion builder costs like 3 kidneys. Anyone with this issue in the future, Fix the Y translation for your downloaded animations if you’re using Maya.

Or you could use blender, pay nothing, and also have almost no problems after you learn or come up with a pipeline…

At the same time believe there are issues in the current release with blend spaces and the pelvis axis shifting bone positions - haven’t quite figured it out yet, but in my case the middle of the blend space transitions dip below surface level, not above.