Characters don't go around other characters.

I’m using “simple move to actor” to move characters to one another. This works great going with the navmesh but once another character gets in their way, they just sit there barely inching over until they are able to go straight to their target again. Is there a better way to move characters around where they will go around other characters rather than trying to go straight through them?

Example: I have 12 melee monsters(using default controllers) spawning in front of the player trying to attack but they fail at making a circle around the player, rather they just get 2-3 lines.

Yes I could make sure they don’t spawn in the same direction but there will always be situations of them bunching up.


I haven’t used it myself, but I think what you’re looking for is CharacterMovement -> SetAvoidanceEnabled.

Thanks man, that seems to work great as long as I don’t turn it on until I get close to other characters. If it’s always on, the distance on it is really far and isn’t natural at all.

I just came across this, may be useful as well. For CharacterMovement, there is a setting Avoidance Consideration Radius:

That did the trick. Makes things much simpler, thanks man.