Characters and animation tools for virtual production

Looking for Beta Testers!

Hey Everyone,

We are building an online library of 3D scanned human characters and mocap animations and an UE4 plugin for quick in-engine animation. Our main goal is to build something which could be used to create quick realistic crowds and simple body&facial animations for Virtual Production.
Key features:
-optimized, 3D scanned characters
-facial blendshapes
-iphone livelink facial animation
-strand based hair for every character
-standardized UVs and topology
-mocap animation library for UE4 skeleton
-facial animation library
-drag&drop blueprints for character control (crowd, walking, etc.)

We’re looking for beta testers for the initial version. We appreciate your feedback and contribution to the development!

Register here:…9FzaDK0YNQjMvs