CharacterRotation with Mouse Cursor it's a bit incorrect

Hi everyone, it’s been a few days that I try to make a simple Top Down game where my character rotation is managed by the cursor of my mouse. This part work, as well as my character can fire.
Today, I noticed something about my character rotation when I use LineTraceByChannel i see that my character rotation doesn’t fit with the line traced :

I think that’s the issue come from my Character Rotation which might not be accurate enough, but don’t know how to make this more precise. I used the node FindLookAtRotation and the ConvertMouseLocationToWorldSpace to set the actor rotation :

Does somebody have an idea for fix this ? Thanks in advance !

I have a function to which I pass a camera (player cam)…

Take note the line will go direction that camera is pointing not the direction your weapon is pointing.
Other things you can try is instead of using a camera you can place an invisible scene component at the end of the weapon barrel making sure it faces forward etc. and use it in place of the camera in this function.

It works, I just use the right vector instead of the forward in my case but that was the problem.
Thank you ^^