CharacterMovementComponent: Any chance of a modular refactor?

I’m looking at this class to get an idea of the considerations required to implement a minimal custom movement component (mainly anthropomorphic characters). I’d prefer to use the “Pawn” level classes in the framework as my starting point because I really don’t have much use for (at a totally factually unsubstantiated guess) 90% of the “Character” level functionality (like networking).

I suspect my computer was close to just calling it a week when I loaded up CharacterMovementComponent.h in Atom. In hindsight it was a fairly serendipitous affair in that I didn’t recklessly go ahead and open the cpp file, as those 10,000 lines would probably have irreparably discomposed its delicate constitution - but I regress, so I’ll get to the real question:

Are there any plans to quarantine parts of this behemoth into smaller, modular and more re-usable portions? I most certainly do not wish to offend anyone who was involved in the ritual of summoning this one to the earthly realms, but I’m concerned that it remained some part ephemeral as it doesn’t seem to be particularly SOLID.

It is entirely possible and quite frankly very likely that I’m totally missing the point here, so any other suggestions, discussions and comments are welcome - especially on how to get basic movement modes (simple things like ground movement, falling and swimming (no networking required)) implemented/extracted from this colossus.

Thanks for reading - I’ll see myself out.