CharacterBP OnComponentHit fire event at copy-source instances

UE 4.10.4, 4.9.2

I’ve found some strange behavior where Character component events will fire for all instances of that character blueprint class.

Sample project is attached to this post.
Test level is based on Default Empty level.

This figure shows simple BP class “BPcharacter” which moves X direction and stop at wall-hit.
It detects hit with “OnComponentHit” Event of CapsuleComponent inherited "Character"BP.

This figure shows test level.
The center “BPcharacter2” is copy of the leftmost “BPcharacter”.
The rightmost “BPcharacter3” is copy of “BPcharacter2”.

Then this figure shows how test level works.
When “BPcharacter3” (copy of copy of “BPcharacter”) hit wall,
All of copies stop immediately.

I confirmed all copies “OnComponentHit” fire when “BPcharacter3” hit wall.
In the case of “BPchatacter2”(copy of “BPcharacter”) hit wall,
“BPchatacter” stops and “BPchatacter3” does NOT stop.

The following is selects of copy-paste text of “BPcharacter” actors.
Value of “OnComponentHit” contains copy-souce actors.
It might show a cause of this problem.




The following post might be same problem: CharacterBP Components sometimes fire for all Actors of Type - Character & Animation - Unreal Engine Forums


I have tested your project, and seen the issue in 4.10.4. Have you been able to reproduce this issue in the 4.11 Preview? If you have not tried, could you please do so and get back to me with your results? I’d like to compare what you see in 4.11 to what I’m seeing. Thank you.

Hello. Thank you for comments.
I hadn’t tried on 4.11 yet. Then I tried create same test scene again in 4.11 preview 6, and the issue is NOT seen in 4.11.
The copy data structure of character actor in 4.11 is different from that in 4.10. So I guess this problem is not in 4.11.
Thank you!