CharacterBP Components sometimes fire for all Actors of Type

UE 4.7.6 - ThirdPersonCharacter BP Template

I’ve come across some strange situations where Character component events will fire for all instances of that character blueprint class.

First ran across problem with OnComponentHit event for character static mesh, where a hit on one instance of character would fire for all characters of that blueprint class. Fixed that by just using EventHit.

Another example is with lighting (which I have no idea how to workaround), where one actor moves closer to a light source, reflection lighting on actor is applied to all instances of that Character Class.

In image below, 3 ships all of same Character Class are stationary. Gold ship moves left, towards a light source (cube wall). Lighting correctly affects gold ship, but then incorrectly to 2 stationary ships.

Hi ,

Were these Actors duplicated in level? I mean, did you drag one Actor into level and then duplicate it to create others? If you drag multiple instances of that Actor into level, does same thing occur? If so, this may be related to another bug with duplicated Actors that was fixed in 4.8 (UE-11819), but I’d like to be sure. Thanks!

Ah yes, it seems to only happen in case of duplicated actors for first issue (OnHit component events).

As for lighting problem, in testing OnHit with Duplicated Actors, my level bugged and caused editor to crash on load. I had to revert level, and after rebuilding it was unable to reproduce that effect.

Hm, interesting. I’m not sure what happened there, but I’m glad problem isn’t occurring for you now! I’m going to go ahead and resolve this post, but if lighting issue comes up again, please feel free to respond here with details and we’ll look into it further. Thanks!