Character_BP Graph section

After messing around with the ARK dev kit for a bit I would like to move on to the step in learning the Graph System. With the Graph system I have two goals in mind I would like to accomplish first. One is to create a player controlled Cloak/Uncloak effect with a ignore player effect when the cloak is active. I have the MM_TekRock on my Dragon right now and he phases in and out every second or so and would mess with the MM_Tek setting myself to get to work with the script. With this cloak effect I want to keep the MM_TekRoak Skin since it will create a Star Trek like effect when moving in and out of Cloak .If anyone has a site or page I can go to learn how to do use the graph at a basic level would be most helpful as well. Thank you for your time and assistance.

You can probably youtube some tutorials for it. What the graph system is is essentially UE4’s Blueprint psuedo-coding language. It allows you to attach custom scripts to ****.

Tutorials for it are probably much more sparse than say, C++ coding for Ue4, but I’m sure some exist. Blueprint by itself is supposed to be much more user friendly for non-coders. It reminds me a lot of warcraft 3’s scripting option, but not quite as powerful.

I guess one thing you can do is have a script that changes your alpha value to be completely transparent uppon a certain button press. I haven’t messed with MM_tek stuff yet,