Character Yaw input issue


I am attempting to implement a method of varying the rotation of a third person character dependent upon W,A,S,D. Currently, W/S successfully modify the roll of my character whilst A/D succesfully changes the pitch through the use of an “AddLocalRotation” block. However, regardless of the value I input to the “Yaw” value no Yaw rotation occurs. Instead, my character appears to “flicker” from side-to-side (as it attempts to reach the positive and negative values of the float input in the same Tick). As far as I can tell there is no scripted reason for this behaviour. Is there something I am missing?

Yes, I have checked that the pawn is not using the control yaw rotation and the character is not using orient rotation to movement. Thank you for your suggestions though.

Not entirely sure but often times rotation can be screwed with by the Pawn using the control rotation (camera) for yaw value or the Character using orient rotation to movement(If it does have a character movement component), did you check on if it may be one of those two?

I believe the exact same issue was found by another user here, however no solution has been accepted in this instance either:

I’ve slapped these into the regular third person BP project and it rotates him in the desired directions with either world or local rot just fine, maybe you could put a screenshot of your BP?

Here is the rotation seection of my blueprint; the code not included here is initialization code (which upon EventBeginPlay sets rotation and velocity of ‘Mesh’ to zero) and “InputAxis MoveForward” + “InputAxis MoveRight”. These are not included as they are assigned to “Current Pitch Speed” and “Curent Roll Speed” respectively to make the blueprint neater. ‘Mesh’ is a Skeletal Mesh Component Reference to the Third Person Character Skeletal Mesh Component “Mesh”; this represents the character.

EDIT: The ‘R Pressed’ Event is currently being used to test rotation by incrementing the rotation by a set amount

I’ve tried reproducing that and it worked for me to rotate the mesh with those nodes hopefully someone else has an idea whats going on.
My only suggestion would be trying to make a blank test object and start with rotating then add the other functionality gradually to see which step might cause it, or possibly simply an engine related bug in wich case you should poke a staff member about it.

I have spent the past few days working on this but have not managed to alleviate the issue. As a last resort I reinstalled Unreal 4.9, remade my project and now the exact same blueprint works without issue. I am not sure what caused this error or how it was resolved, but I shall not question it at this moment in time. Apologies I cannot be more helpful in resolving this issue.

You can try uncheck “Use Controller Rotation Yaw” in Class Deafults of your Character.

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