Character Won't Spawn in Play Mode

I’m currently using version 8.3 for a first-person project. The character used to spawn just fine, but lately when I go to play mode, the character doesn’t show up and I’m able to fly around the level. I’ve noticed also that the foliage tools don’t work (I mention it on the off chance these issues come from the same problem). These issues have come up quite suddenly, and I’m not entirely sure what has caused them or what could fix them, but needless to say they are very annoying. Does anyone have any possible fixes?

Not sure about the foliage tool not working but check these for the character spawning:

1 - Make sure there is a Player Start object

2 - Check the correct GameMode is selected in the World Settings


3 - Open your GameMode and make sure your character is selected

Christ, I found an answer to my problem by mistake, maybe it gonna work for others. It’s so hidden…