Character won't pass through opening/door

Have you checked the door collision?

How are you moving the character?

This particular opening has no door…the house mesh itself is block all complex to simple collision. However, I want it that way so the user does not pass through random walls. The character is being moved through a double click and then it moves to the click location.

Ok…will do

I’ve shrunk capsule, character mesh, camera mesh, and still can’t pass through this opening.

My Problem Video

So, are you using a navmesh? If so, then try using a navlink in there and see if it helps.

Click to see SS

Also a NavLink wouldn’t work as there’s probably 50+ of these situations in this project alone. I need a universal modification to the PlayerCharacter that works for all openings. Setting a start and end point for every pass through is inefficient.

First it’s necessary to determine the origin of the problem.

Is the navmesh interrupted in those opening?

Can other objects pass through, for example, physics object?

Is the capsule the only component with collisions enabled? Are all the others components (mesh, plane, …), set to “No Collisions”?

Just tried that…still nothing. The capsule imprint (circle in the YT video) is much smaller than the opening. The plane and the mesh are now set to no collision and the problem still exists. Are the lines coming off the circle part of it?

Can you select the frame of the opening and uncheck “can ever affect navigation”.

If that doesn’t work and if the navlink proxy didn’t help, then I’m out of ideas. Maybe someone else has some idea of what is going on.

I don’t know…the only moving thing is the character

I know it has to be an issue with the character’s sizing or something because it can pass through most openings but the smaller ones it cannot.

BlockAllDynamic works…however while you can’t move past the wall you can see through it

Fixed it! Block all dynamic and increase capsule size!