Character won't move on new game

I am having a problem that when I start my game with the standalone option, it loads the game in the level, I can move my character around… but when I click “quit to menu” and “new game” it loads my game, but I can’t move my character. I can’t figure out what is going on! any ideas?

when I click “quit to menu” and “new
game” it loads my game

Do you load another map or how does it work here?

no same map, I only have one map in the game.

well I guess the main menu is technically a “map” so in that sense I do… when I click play it doesn’t start me at the menu, starts me in the actual game, but if I use my in game menu to go to the maIn menu and then click new game, it loads me back into the game world just as it started out except I can’t move.

It is happening to me too, did you manage to solve the issue? :slight_smile:

Are you perhaps setting UI-Mode Only or something similar in your menu?

I was having the same issue and then added ‘set input mode game only’ :slight_smile: