Character won't move after importing a project

Hey everybody newbie here, so I am not sure what I can do to try and rectify this issue.

I have been working on a digital tutors style lecture which has a project file I am supposed to import but it comes from an older version of the engine. After importing the assets and setting up the movement of my ship it still will not move correctly. I have disabled physics but I added in different thrusters that should allow my ship to move. I have added in a screenshot of my blueprint… its a little bit though so I hope that it will make sense. I read on another forum that if you change the name of your project it will reset and allow an object to move.

Any tips to fix this would be much appreciated because its really messing up my momentum to try and learn some new stuff since I don’t know if what I did works or doesn’t work. I set up this blueprint after the import was done the only assets imported where shaders and the mesh.

Thanks in advance!

Update: So I can get the ship to move forward and backwards using input axis but when I try to use a thruster based system for roll pitch and yaw I can’t seem to get those functions to work properly. I basically made forward and backward thrust inputs in a slightly different way which tells me its got to be with the node configuration of the thrusters.

I am not 100% sure I understand the problem you are having, but there are two things I noticed in the screenshot provided.

First: you should connect the both SET nodes to the Activate ones at the end, otherwise they will never get called.

Second: have you checked the variables you are using?

You multiply the value of the ShipRoll InputAxis by a float variable called RollSpeed. Make sure its default value is not 0 or that it is set to something other than 0 somewhere else in the blueprint.

Oh wow that totally fixed it! So I made the issue kind of confusing, my bad. I thought that importing the asset from an older version of unreal broke the asset but no it was just me not connecting the nodes correctly! The float intergers are not set to 0 either, as soon as I connected the set nodes to the activate nodes everything worked perfectly. Thats definitely a woops on my part. Thank you again for your help!

No problem!

Glad I could help :slight_smile: