Character won't dodge in the direction he's supposed to

Hello, I am currently trying to get a Dodge roll mechanic setup. While the current code works when “Orientate rotation to movement” is checked off. When checked on, dodging becomes well…dodgy. For example, if I were moving to the left or to the right, he dodges backwards instead of dodging to the side, if walk backwards, he dodges upwards instead of downwards. Here’s the current setup:

The logic is that when the input is pressed, it checks to see if the player is already dodge rolling or falling, if false, it launches the character 1000 units in the specific direction based on the left joystick axis vales (MoveUp and MoveRight are the Y and X axis values on the joystick respectively) and the characters current vectors.

I’ve been trying to figure this out for the past week. I’ve tried manually setting the players rotation, all sorts of other wiring for launch character, etc. Any idea why the character launch isn’t working properly? Any help would be appreciated.

I was having this exact same problem and found this question. After stealing some of your code and messing around I got it to work on my end:

All I needed was the world rotation of my Mesh and its forward vector, since before my character kept dodging relative to the direction the camera was facing even if my character was facing another direction. The added 90 degrees is to compensate for my mesh’s rotation when I imported it.

Thanks for helping me figure it out!

What does it say on the Launch Character Function?