Character won't be re-spawned when enter net-culling-distance

I’m working on a simple demo of multiplayer game. I’m testing the net culling of UE4. I have 2 players in a scene and I set the ‘Net Cull Distance Square’ to 10000 (radius is 100). When one player go out of the range, the other one is disappeared, witch is fine. However, when one player enter the range, the other one is still missing and won’t be spawned. Why?

Tick ‘Always Relevant’?

1,000 is a very close distance. I think default is something like 2,500,000. You may have to go literally inside the other actor to see him render again.

Net cull distance is also not exactly based on range from what I’ve been able to tell, but also on screen space.

Try setting a higher value and testing again.