Character with long ribbons D:

I’m working on Modo 10.2 if it matters and the version of UE4 I’m using is 4.14 but I can rollback to 4.13 if necessary.

The ribbons are curled (much like this) and I’d like them to stay curled but kinda “bounce” and “drag” / “glide” along any surfaces they hit. Like you’d expect those ribbons to.

I also need them to interact with each other.

I don’t know of any way to bake these in Modo but if there’s a way and it’s necessary I can make it work. There are quite a number of them though so I’d prefer not to have to rig them and IK them or w/e.

How do I make this work?

Yo bro 3 suggestions one is no problem working with UE4.14 if U have any issue regarding any error or warning messages U come across U can always get help at the forums or the answerhub .
Second is Ur question has words that have converted itself into unnecessary links . Try and remove them if possible .
Thirdly I may not be sure about going into lower versions of UE4 but I think it should be possible if U are able to convert the projects into higher versions.

Uh… I don’t need to downgrade my project I’m only saying that if the physics get weird due to bugs introduced in 4.14 it’s an option.

That single link shows what I’m going for and belongs in the post.

I’m actually here for help so I’m not sure what purpose telling me that I can get help here serves.

And no, you can’t downgrade a project directly. You can migrate assets but as far as I know that’s it. (: But this is a weekend project that I’m prototyping so I haven’t committed to any specific ue4 version yet.

I think you may run into quite a bit of physics overhead if there are going to be lots of ribbons and they need to intereact with each other.

I would suggest making the ribbons a seperate component that you attach inside UE.


This is a cinematic so I don’t need to worry about performance so long as it’s reasonable (:

And I agree I just need to know what system to use. There are plenty of content examples but it’s always of the finished product with little documentation. I’m also concerned that the physics solver might make the ribbons un-curl or something. I’m quite new to this and am, as we speak, searching around. This is one of the last things needed for my character so unfortunately it’s become the bottleneck at the moment.

The relase notes for 4.14 mention that the cable components have simple collision, Maybe that will work.
You could also try giving the curls a series of bones like the aerial from the advanced vehicles template.

I would place the bones in the middle of the curl instead of following the geometry, But that may not get the result you want but won’t uncurl.


That sounds like it could be interesting. Not sure if it would work, though.

I’ll keep searching around for more information on the subject. It seems like something which should be in the “collisions are expensive but this is doable” category but it seems as though the curls are what’s really causing the problems here.

I only really need basic collision and gravity, with only one side of the ribbon(s) being attached to a static locaton. That theoretically sounds like a thing that can be solved with splines now. But again, the curls! D:

That is why i suggested trating the curls as tubes in regards to the bones/skinning.

But I think that you may have to go through several trials and revisions to get this right as it does not seam to be a common thing.

Good luck!

It’ll be a while before I have results to show but I’ll post them here when I’ve got them or ask questions if needed (:

Thanks a lot for your help, I’ll see what I can achieve!

Looking forward to that.

I’ll be happy to help.

Your welcome :slight_smile:

Good luck!