Character with different BP have ragdoll issues

I have both AI and player controlled characters in my project using the same skeleton. They each have their own animation blueprint and pawn blueprint. For some reason the characters controlled by the AI animBP and pawnBP have aggressive stretching in the neck and thinning of the arms.

Interestingly enough if I duplicate a mesh from one of the six characters that have no issues and replace references for one of the three that are acting funky that mesh starts to stretch as well. I can place a player controlled pawn next to the AI and kill them both and only the AI has issues with the ragdoll.

This leads me to believe there is an issue in my pawn blueprint that is controlling the AI however I am at a loss of where to look.

I had been fighting with this for over 2 weeks…

Turns out my character BP was referencing an older mesh in the view port. I set the character mesh via character sheets however it seems that the mesh settings were forcing a larger scale of the character once physics took over.