Character with compatible skeletons and facial rig in unreal

Suggestions for characters or character creation tools that are compatible with Unreal and Unreal Live Face link?
There’s a lot of characters on the market place but usually not what I’m looking for or lacking facial controls.

I’m trying out Character Creator 3 and iClone 7. I find the apps very confusing and odd. Do I need iClone if I’m going to do all animation in Unreal (with mocap and facial app)?
Which plugins are extra? Just trying to extract basic comparisons and feature list from their website is difficult.
Live Face app for iClone sort of works with created character. Faceware didn’t provide very good results.
I’d rather do the facial capture in Unreal but the Characters from CC3 and iClone 7 don’t match the rig and they don’t provide a converter. There’s a video someone else made about how to convert every facial named muscle to a different named facial muscle but evidently no one has published it so looks like I’d spend days doing it manually.

There’s Character Editor in the marketplace. Character Editor in Characters - UE Marketplace
It looks decent from the description .

Any suggestions or recommendations here?

Usually you just do it manually.
I use blender. whatever else you want to use will work just as well.

To transfer the face specifically for fae link you have to transfer the morph targets - not the bones, as there aren’t any bones.

IF you are doing it manually you are better off using something like Blender’s pre-made face rig. works great, and it’s easy to hand animate too.
The point here is that you can shorten the work load with a pre-made rig. since the time consuming part is putting that together to move correctly.

I’d rather not spend my time building everything from scratch, especially realistic people. I’d rather be making finished scenes. Just surprised there’s not more readily available characters and that many of these companies don’t seem to want to make it simpler for their customers.

character creator from reallusion may do the trick… it is a funny company with weird price schemes but they try to stay compatible with UE…n with CC3 you can also bring characters from DAZ if you like those better

yes, trying to sort out the different applications (including DAZ) and all the different packages is a hot mess on their site.