Character with BoxCollision!?!?!11

I normally use Blueprints, but to make a character with Box Collision I tried editing the source character (and saving the changes in a copy I named “BoxCharacter”). I did the .cpp and .h files for all the files along the path that I needed to (checking file locations and parents) as I went. But I can’t make a new Blueprint from the custom classes, or change the parentage of my pre-existing character to use my Box-Collision character. Does anyone know why this is?

What happens when you try? Is there an error that appears?
What was the source character? Was it one you made or was it the base Character (called ACharacter).
Can you post the code of your BoxCharacter class so we can see where it’s going wrong?

It just doesn’t show up as in option, in the reparent dropdown or in the “new blueprint class” window

I’ve looked into this a lot before, and it seems that the Capsule Component is so interwoven into the CharacterMovementComponent and Character classes, that it is almost impossible to change.


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