Character will crouch but camera wont!

would appreciate if someone could help me out with this been scratching my head for hours.

As you can see the character will crouch but the camera will not, I’ve attached the camera to the character mesh in blueprints!

I’m using the animation starter pack model in first person mode.

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the characters mesh transform isn’t actually changing. The animation only changes the location of bones (aka joints).

You will need to either manually change the location of the camera or else the camera or spring arm would need to be driven by a bone or socket, rather than the mesh component. You can attach the camera of spring arm to a socket in the detail panels. However this probably isn’t the best choice because it would inherit all the movement of an animation, so it might feel like extreme head bob.

I believe that the default first person controller moves the camera during crouch so that might be a worthwhile example to check out.