Character went through walls

so some parts of my character just went through wall and how did this happen and how to solve it?

this is what im talking bout

and this is the controller

so why is this happening?

Your capsule collider is way too small. It doesn’t envelop the whole character.

This is a common problem in games with various ways to resolve. One is to increase your capsule size to encompass your arms and weapon as Grimwolf suggests above. Another is to animate the arms to lift the gun into the capsule when you near a collision object. (The way you would lift the gun in real life when you approached a wall.)

maybe i choose to animate it but now what triggers the animation? is it the blueprint if it is can you show me im not rly good at blueprints

While I do not have the exact step by step instructions, in general you would add a collision volume to your character that extends around the gun. Then you would set OnEventOverlap for that volume to execute the command to play the UpRifleAnimation. This is fairly complex for to set up for a begginer.

A quick way to acheive what you are trying to do is extened blocking volumes out further from the surface of the wall. This prevents the character walking face to face with the wall, but the weapon will not be blocked and will extend right up to the wall and not penetrate depending on how far back you set the blocking volume.

i might just try and also thanks for your tips and also if you have time and know about anim blueprint help me solve this one