Character wearing weapon or not

Hi all,

I’m new to Unreal Engine, and so far i have modelised the terrain + 1 ship + 1 futuristic scooter, i put them on the scene. Everything works pretty fine.

But i still have the default weapon and character arms :


What i’d like to do is set a variable :

heroe_current_weapon = 0 => (default value) then we don’t see neither the arms and the weapon, it means that the character has not farmed yet any weapons

heroe_current_weapon = 1 => The caracters has the less powerful weapon in the game, and he his carrying it while moving on the scene

heroe_current_weapon = 8 => The caracters has the most powerful weapon in the game, and he his carrying it while moving on the scene

How can i do so please ? How should i edit my character default blueprint ?


Hey and welcome to Unreal Engine 4! This is not that hard to realise, the only problem is the weapon is in a mesh with the arms, so when you disable the weapon, you disable the arms. If you are familiar with modeling in 3ds max or Cinema 4D you can create your own arms. But you wanted that the arms are not visible too when heroe_current_weapon is zero. So for example you have an function called “Set actual weapon” and the input variable is your heroe_current_weapon. So it checks which value the variable has with an Equal (integer) and an branch (to check the bool). If its zero (branch outputs true), you take the Mesh1P and set the visibility by calling the same named function. If its 1 you set the visibility of Mesh1P and for different features of the weapon you have to take a look at the Spawn projectile comment in the MyCharacter blueprint, there you can modify stuff and make the weapon more powerful by adjusting the fire rate for example!

Thanks a lot iUltimateLP :slight_smile:

I just modelized my arm in 3ds max


Now i’m about to add a sweat shirt. What is the best in both term of animation and optimisation ? Should i merge the arm mesh and the sweat shirt mesh and animate this with bones + skinning… ? or Should i use 2 different meshes and animate them with a collision gestion between the 2 objects (more realistic option i presume) ?

Once i’ll have imported my object(s) (including bones and so forth) in UE4 i will apply ur advices for the blueprints

Well I’m not the best one with animation and rigging, but I would recommend to take the sweat shirt mesh and animate this with bones, but as already said, I’m not the best one in this. One thing, you should probably make the fingers longer because it’s looking like a hand of a fat guy :smiley: Oh and if you have questions to the blueprint section, feel free to ask!

Thanks iUltimateLP, You were right about the fingers lenght, i lenghtened them. Also i listened to your good advices : i created a single skeleton for two différents objects (the hand and the sweat shirt). And i will export these 2 objects as a single multiobject fbx file to Unreal Engine 4

Sounds good! Glad I could help, if you have further questions, then ask :slight_smile: