character weapon socketing issue

hi i have a issue with the socketing of my weapon in persona. my weapon is socketed to the right hand of my character, however i have an idle and a death animation that requires the weapon to be in the right hand.
however when it comes to my attacks the weapon ends up sticking through the characters chest. this is because the right hand slides down the handle of the weapon but because its socketed to the right hand it looks like the left hand is moving up the weapon. while this is happening the weapon is not actually sliding. I’ve attempted to fix this by animating the socket through curves however sockets can’t be animated, and my other method was to switch the socket to the other hand however this works in persona but not in the game.
Any help would be appreciated.

You can switch sockets/bones in Blueprint easily…tell you the truth sockets tend to be a bit pointless since it’s attached to a bone and you could just attach right to the bone as well…
But really the best solution would be fixing it in animation…Blender has awesome animation tools
lastly and kinda hacky you can change the visibility of another weapon attached to the left hand in blueprint and just switch when appropriate…
anyways if you’re making a hack slash game check out my tuts below…they’ll walk you through some useful stuff…

Thanks for the feedback, had a look at your project and it’s certainly given me some ideas for how to do future projects. However for the issue that i had, i worked with a blueprint friend of mine and we found a good fix for it. The images below show the blueprints.

This basically makes the sockets relocate itself at the beginning of anims and then puts it back afterwards. i hope this will help anyone else who may have the same problem.