Character + Weapon Animations?


So I’m having a bit of an issue. I have a weapon with an animation and I am also using the Animation Starter Pack character animations. How do I play a character animation together with a weapon animation? At the moment my character plays the shooting animation, then the weapon animation plays which causes my character to adopt a t-pose on the floor while the weapon animation plays.

EDIT: So it seems to me that I need to use animation blending for this, but I already have animation blending for my character movement. I have sort of got the character and weapon animations to blend correctly, but I only have one “final animation pose” node to connect either the character movement or the character+weapon animation to. What do I do?

1.Create a socket for weapons in the settings of the skeleton of Your character in the SKELETON file.
2.In the Blueprint of Your character import skel mesh…weapons, and connect it to the newly created socket. The Weapons disable in the settings of the animation Play.
Here’s an example implementation:

When you import Your weapon, don’t forget the mouse to drag it to the Mesh of Your character, so it would be included in it.

In Animation mode, select the type of animation.
To animate weapons you can use AnimMontage animation: Movement of weapons, shot, reload… To do this, create AnimMontage based Skel Mesh…Your weapon with the desired animation. After creation, select the Animation mode Your Anim Montage.
For example:

Specify the partition name, if you hit it right you will see the properties.
You must specify the following name for the partition if you want the animation to be played sequentially. For example (Name of section: 1 Next section: 2)
If you want to loop the animation to a specific partition. For example: (Name of section: 2 Next section: 2) and if not repeat (Name of section: 2 Next section: None)

Or just use a separate sequence of animations.
Then in the Animation field mode select Use Animation > Anim to play

Standard animation weapon blueprint.

Hi, can we do the same with an actor blueprint?
Becuase i have created my gun from an actor blueprint, and i can pickup it…
But i dont know how animate the weapon ;(

Ok, i have fixed it, in my Weapon Skeleton i have selected “Show Advanced Options” and i have put all ANIMATION, because before was Skeleton