Character Wall jumps too high in certain situations

I have a character that can wall jump off of objects when those objects have the WallJump collision channel set to Block.

When there is only one wall-jumpable object to jump off of, the character will wall jump normally. However, if there are multiple objects nearby that the player can jump off of, the force of the wall jump becomes excessive. There’s two ways this problem presents itself:

  1. If there are two objects that form a corner, the wall jump will roughly double it’s expected height.

2. If there are two objects facing each other, the wall jump will increase seemingly proportionally to the height of the opposing object. It isn’t a matter of the player moving so fast that his speed pushes him up the side of the object. He will wall jump excessively high even without touching the opposing wall.

The character is not looking for or measuring the heights of any objects around it, so I’m not sure why it would be doing this.

Hey @sweeetjd!

Hmm. Interesting. Can you show a video of the #2, with your character collider and the wall’s colliders visible? I have some theories but I’d like to narrow it down.

Oh and for #1, can you screenshot the code where you’re calling the “Wall Jump” function? :slight_smile:

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I think I mostly solved it, although I have no idea what the issue was. I have a function that runs on tick, and inside was a reference to a variable that didn’t exist, plugged into the multiply node with Get Actor Forward Vector. For some reason, the engine acted as if it did exist. I can’t connect the multiply node to the Distance Input, and I can’t use a variable without it failing. But if I leave it like this, it works. I’m pretty dumbfounded but as long as it works I guess I won’t complain lol