Character wall hit

I’m trying myself to find out what blueprint nodes makes the character play the wall hit animation, and I can’t seem to figure out to easily. The fall damage tutorials are about Event On Landed and widgets, but I’m trying to use the Event Hit instead.

This is what I am trying to translate into blueprint: “If the player touches the speed of let’s say, 700, and hits the actor that is not able to jump over it, then it should play the wall hit animation”
What is the translation for this???

Forgot to put a screenshot of how I actually tried and not worked:

Which part is not working? Is the event firing? Are you really achieving a speed higher than 700? This BP belongs to what?

The montage node does not have a target, it looks like. Also, I would try without the velocity checks to see if you can get the montage to play just on hit.

if i would set the event hit with no speed being reached out, then the animation would play even in the slowest touch which is not normal, also i think i have done a little mistake with the branch.

Ok, I found in the tutorial “Go ragdoll if we impact with the floor” that I was almost using the necessary nodes in order to play the animation on hitting the wall, but now the character plays the wall hit animation with the floor if I make it run, jump and then collide with the floor.
How can I make it not play the animation after colliding with the floor after sprinting and jumping?

Ok, I think I found out how to make it work with walls only. And I think it was soo obvious that no one ever wanted to answer because of being to easy to fix.

I just had to replace “Greater or Equal to” with “Less or Equal to” cause it makes more sense. Because if you use Greater or equal to, then the engine will think that you want your character to play the same animation with walls and floors, but using the less or equal to will make the engine think that you want your character to play the animation on walls ONLY.

So if anyone ever had the problem with the character hitting the wall, send them the link to this topic.

Topic solved

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