Character walking in air with no collision below him except landscape.

I used the landscape spline tool to make a road and the mesh has no collision at the moment but the character is still floating in mid air above the road.

Any ideas??


does this happen only on the road? or the rest of the landscape too?

It’s only on the road, I added some collision to the road and I still walk that high in the air when the road goes down hill into a valley, but on flat ground the guy actually walks on the road.

I am having this issue also, any fix?

Is the added collision a complex collision? If you just add a simple collision there will be empty parts, resulting in above scenario.

This could be a useful reference to check:

In few words, if you want very precise collisions, you have to add them directly in your modeling software as collision meshes. If you are using Blender, here is how to do it:

I tried to make a simple illustration of the fix I found. I posted it here;