Character Variables

While creating a character can we assign certain variables such as speed, agility, acceleration, etc. and alter ‘get’ those values to influence certain aspects of gameplay? If so, how?
Thanks in advance!

The character actor (meant for 3D characters) has a movement component built into it. The component contains everything you mentioned and more. Check out blueprint character.

I am actually building a sports game and would like variables related to skill as well, so that is why I was asking.
Could you please reply about how to do this as well? Thanks!

Place the Movement Component onto the graph and pull a line off of the connection. From there you can change the variables dynamically in your blueprints.

I meant to say give a player like a stat called longshots and based on that number, set a probability of the shot going for goal and what not.
And could you also post photos if possible it would be great help!

Can anyone please help? I would love to know the answer

Stats functionality like what you want doesn’t exist in the engine. It’s up to you to program it.