Character tutorials

Hey! Here are some of my tutorials I recently recorded. Today I uploaded Character part 6. Enjoy.


Here is full list of Character episodes (starting from 6):
6. Character (part 1) Strafes, Death
7. Character (part 2) Respawn, Crouching, Punching
8. Character (part 3) Physics & interactions, collisions
9. Character (part 4) Notifies - effects, sounds, particles
10. Character (part 5) - AI communication, logic & graphs
11. Character (part 6) - Fight, collisions, camera & navmesh improvements
12. Character (part 7) - Spawning & throwing items
13. Character (part 8) - Behaviour tree for NPCs. more enemies
14. Character (part 9) - 3d inventory, sockets, items attachment


Thanks will deffo give these a look :slight_smile:

Great Tutorials , can you make a Dark Souls/Lords of the Fallen or Batman Akrham knight type of fighting system tutorial ? Ive been wanting one of these for around 6 months and still haven’t found a way to do this …

Thanks! I will try but making fight like this needs more animations and better interactions. It looks like mini cutscenes for every hit.

I think this series is very good start anyway. I am showing making collisions and using all events (hit and overlapping).

so far I explained:

  • collisions and all presets,
  • inheritance (child actor - enemy)
  • interfaces (to comunicate from Unreal Engine source content)
  • events hit, overlapping, custom (set delegates)
  • animation blueprints - setting forward, right speed (strafes), punching, crouching
  • animGraph - creating states and transitions, savingPoses, blending poses, transform bones
  • montage - using curves, particles, notifies, sounds, changing UE4 source notifyBP
  • other: attach to socket and bone, umg, character components, cemara, navigation mesh

oh my… i like it! Are you planning to make tutorial about multiplayer fights version?