Character turning towards camera


Exactly what the title says. Any way to turn off characters turning towards the camera, so free flowing camera movment works?

There is a few settings you need to look into, depending on how your controls are setup, you will need a different variation of the following settings:

Character → Character Movement Component → “Use Controller Desired Rotation” and “Orient Rotation to Movement”

Character → Class Defaults → “Use Controller Rotation Yaw”

Couldn’t find the first two, and the third doesnt seem to do anything.

Is there another way, maybe through nodes or c++ to fix this, or am i boned?

They are definitely there, they are core settings that most games will need to modify to get the desired movement. (unless you are not using epics character movement component). These settings may not seem to do anything on their own, but different combinations of them produce different results.

You can change these settings through nodes as well. They use the same name, most default settings you can type into the blueprint graph and see what you can get and set.

Using a custom character with gravity, so neither of these work.

The default third person blueprint also crashes for some reason.
Would there be a way to put the original movement component in, or make them compatible?

Well that setter is complaining because it does not have a target. You need to drag your movement component into the graph and plug it in to the setter, because that variable exists on the movement component, not the character. (Then you should be able to set it from blueprints, i’m not sure why its not showing up in the details, but it does exists, its just being hidden from details panel for some reason).

There would not be any other way to put the original movement component in (well you could but then you would have two movement components which would not be good.)

You would either have to roll out your own custom logic (which I wouldn’t recommend because its already done for you with networking built in on the standard movement component) or just use epics default character and built up from there.

I tried, but apparently it is not compatible. The problem is, I need this one (I assume the scripting is in this pawn) for the gravity plugin, E.G running on hills and stuff. I’m really stuck here, So i dunno. Is there anyway to add an option to details?

Hmm, I’m not to sure then, Iv always used the standard character and movement component to do this, so I’m not really sure of another good way. Mabey somebody else can jump in and help with this.

You can add options to details, they are just exposed variables. But you would still need to program what those variables do.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help, I did not know you were using custom character and movement.

Nah, It’s fine. It’d be useful if you could send a link on adding details, or an image showcasing how. I’ve been meaning to learn for awhile anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

I would start with this:

You’ll be especially interested in the section titled “Making a property show up in the editor”.

Alright, I’ll look through that. Is it blueprints though? And is it possible to copy details from one BP to another?
Thanks, been a big help!

Dang, There’s no C++ version so i have to make one myself. Also, it won’t make C++ scripts, causing the error below.


It looks like your missing some files? I’m not sure what is going on there.

Apparently i had to reinstall visual studio with an extra for like 60gb of space, but it is able to open. I just need to figure out how it’s all connected and things.

Actually, How would I add something from a seperate character component? Like, copy the camera setting to this new one?