Character Trigger

I’m having issues where I can’t get the Side Scroller character to trigger on anything. I’ve set up a simple light scenario from the tutorial, just instead of the free floating camera I’m using the Character Controller.

The problem is when he walks into the trigger zone nothing happens. It’s like it isn’t flagged to trigger it? Or do I need to get a reference to the character to say that it can?

We made a mistake in the side scroller template where the Characters CapsuleComponent had ‘Generate Overlap Events’ set to FALSE. If you go to the Components mode and fix this, it should work correctly. Very sorry for the confusion, we will certainly rectify this in the next release.

Thank you so much, that was exactly the reason.

Sorry, im newbie and i got the same problem. I’ve read the answer from JamesG but i can´t find where is the Characters CapsuleComponent in order to uncheck the generate overlap Events.
Help, please.

Hi !
I upload a screenshot.