Character transformation?

I really liked the Samaritan demo and one of the coolest things about it was the character transforming into that badass, just wondering how you would go about achieving this effect? would you use a morph target for the whole character or something? I heard it was done using displacement and tessellation, I’ve googled around but there doesn’t seem to be any more in depth information about the process they used to achieve that effect. I can imagine someone making a game based on the guyver would use that effect quite a lot, personally I want to ue this for my main character so that when he enters rage mode he transforms into a badass.

If you take a look at the content example you’ll see that there is the Samaritan character, but without the morphing effect you see in the video.

Anyway that effect is achieved with morph targets and displacement, yuou can find more informations here:

Samaritan Demo Behind the Scene

PDF with technical gibberish :smiley:

Are you going to use it in AlterCore? the game looks so freaking breautiful!!! :smiley:

yeah I was thinking about it, basically I want my main character to fight like in the arkham games then when he enters flawless freeflow( which i’m calling rage
) he will transform into an evolved which ties in with the story, theyre basically really strong demonic looking guys who are humans who have jumped a fewthousand years of evolution, they kindof look like zoanoids from guyver, going for a cyberpunk/biopunk type of thing. still, its a work in progress. thanks for the compliment, but i’m not even sure if i’m going to use those assets, I have a few ideas how to make it look better, I will be getting the components I need for my new computer next week, so I should ( fingers crossed ) be able to start working on it again.

You can use two different approach:

Morph targets: both characters must have the same vertex id and polycount and you can interactively swap materials to have a nice and clean effect

Character swapping: good old “put a particle effect to confuse the viewer” and just swap the skeletal meshes on the fly :slight_smile:

If you’re going to use the “Mechanical look” for the rage version, well, good luck, is going to be a nightmare to create morph target for it :smiley:

yeah I’ve previously toyed with character swapping, which is really easy to pull off. I read some of the pdf, its very technical, but from what I can make out they basically used an animated displacement map, if you think about it, all you would have to do is create two characters in zbrush, project details from the second onto the first, create your displacement map, diffuse etc, then just use a material to interpolate between the two in unreal. it wouldn’t look very good if you are morphing from a mechanical character into a biological one though, but it might work for enemy transformations. or if your character is mechanical, you could explode the armour off the character and then morph the character.