Character to DECELERATE when releasing Forward Input Key?!

I’m a beginner to blueprints, I began working on my character’s blueprints about a week ago starting pretty much from the beginning. I’d say I’ve been able to built a pretty complex (at least for a beginner) character movement system so far and it’s now very close to being finished. There’s one very simple thing though that I’m missing and have not been able to find how to do - to get my character to DECELERATE when I release the InputAxis MoveForward key. Currently the character stops immediately when releasing input.

In the character movement component you can set Max Acceleration but there is not a setting for Max Deceleration. There’s only Braking Deceleration but that one doesn’t do anything unless you set the ground to be slippery using either Ground Friction or Braking Ground Friction.

I’ve tried to set up interpolation to the max walking speed with a timeline but the results haven’t been very good.

I’ve been stuck with this for two days trying to search the internet for tutorials but there’s literally nothing about this topic anywhere, so I figured the answer must be either so simple that no-one has ever needed to ask or completely impossible with blueprint alone. It feels like such a basic thing to me and I’m so baffled that there is not just a setting by default for something like this.