Character Throwing and Catching a Weapon

Hi, I have a character rigged using Unreal ART tools for Maya 2015. This character uses a sword but up until now the sword has just been parented to his hand, however, now I need the character to be able to throw the sword in the air and catch it. I’m not sure how best to set this up in Maya (using ART) and I have no idea how to get it working in Unreal. All the tutorial videos I have seen just show the object being parented to the hand and never moving. Any idea how this sort of thing is supposed to be done?

There are a few ways I can think of now… I guess the best one would be to have a dedicated handItem bone in your rig that holds all sockets for your weapons. Then in maya you animate a weapon throw/catch using that bone. Since it holds your sockets in ue4 you should get the effect quite quickly and the process is easily art-directable.