Character through the door

Hello everyone!!!

Can someone help me making a blueprint porject;
I want a character runs through the door and make a hole in it like the character’s shape…

Your door will need to be destructible and/or have different meshes for different shaped by-passers. The second option would be the easiest, with the door selecting what mesh to spawn in depending on what went through it.

If it was a small fluffy bunny, you would have a bunny-shaped hole in the door mesh and it would spawn in once the bunny went through the door. If it was a medium-sized garbage can that went through the door, you would have a garbage can-shaped hole in another door mesh that would spawn in once the garbage can went through. The door would scan what went through it and pull the appropriate door mesh from its own array of available holey door meshes.

That’s one idea of how to go about it…

WOW! [FONT=Arial Black]Thankyou so much! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Yggdrasil