Character that turns and walks at the same time

So I’ve searched EVERYWHERE for tutorials and people asking about this and found nothing.

Basically, i have animations for walking and for turning 90º both left and right and I’m trying to implement real movement on my character. For example, if I press the W and D keys at the same time, I want my character to walk and turn at the same time, like a real person.

I’ve tried using 2D Blend Spaces but I only manage to blend from walking to turning and can’t manage to get both of these played at the same time

Hi iCyDiCy,

It sounds like you are trying to set up a root motion controller like in the following YouTube video:

Motus Digital UE4 Root Motion Controller

Is this correct?

-Steve H.

Hi iCyDiCy,

Since we have not heard back from you in a few days, I am closing this thread for tracking purposes. However, if you are still having difficulty setting up a character that turns and walks at the same time, please respond by letting us know if the motion in the posted video above is what you are trying to achieve. If not, using the attached video as a reference, please differentiate/clarify what you are ultimately trying to achieve.


Steve H.

Sorry for not saying anything, I’ve been working on something else from the game and ended up forgetting about this.

Yes, I want to do exactly what’s in the video but I don’t know how

This cannot be achieved with the only the free animations from the Animation Starter Pack alone. You will either have to make the transitional animations yourself or purchase the Movement Animset Pro from the market place. Once you have those animations you will be able to create this functionality.

Be advised, I would consider this advanced animation as it requires creating a root motion controller for the kind of movement you desire. I recommend that, if you have not already, start with the basic to intermediate movement controls taught through this series (using only free animation assets.):

Setting Up Character Movement in Blueprints

I already saw those videos and I know how to work with blend spaces and create that kind of movement.

About the animations, I already bought an animation pack that has animations for walking, running and turning 90º both left and right.

My problem is on how to take all of these animations and create life-like movement on my character

What you are looking for is a tutorial on “root motion control” or “root motion controller.” Search these terms on Youtube (or other places) as it would be too long to post a step by step guide how to set this up here.

Alright gonna search that up.

Thanks for the help! :slight_smile: