Character texturing - best practices?

Hey, I haven’t been here since the UDK days, consider me a newcomer once again.

I’m making a character for a small cartoon stylised game and have a few questions about how I should design the textures for key features later in development.

The questions are -

​​​​If I design the textures uvs to be mirrored (left side flipped and laying over the right side) will I run into issues later when overlaying blood spatter textures and/or decals in unreal, especially on one side of the body only?


If I mirror the uvs, will I run into issues with normal mapping?

In either case, how can I avoid these issues if I go the mirrored uv route?

Mirroring UV’s belongs in the box marked VCR and brick size cell phones (cough cough). Unreal 4 uses much more advanced texturing techniques from material ID’s to layer masks as well as procedural materials such as PBR and Substances that maintains the fidelity rather than catering to the engines requirements of 1990 performance requirements. Simple answer yes you will run into issues with decals and splatters

Haha, great reply, thanks FrankieV - I’ll leave mirrored uvs back in the 90s where they belong then.