[Character] TAMED

Hey guys, here’s my latest character work that I rendered in Unreal 4, I really can’t wait to test out all the new funky character features that is coming in 4.11…until then, here’s my work!
Softwares: Zbrush, Maya and Substance Painter.

Thanks for watching!

Amazing stuff! Cant wait to see more of your works. :slight_smile:

Meh… it’s ok…

Lolz, of course it’s awesome, well done :slight_smile:

Some people, like yourself, are incredibly talented. My only crit. The roughness near his belly button. It seems a bit glossy.

Awesome. Seeing things like this make me wish I had time to get back into character work. =P Keep at it!

Impressive piece of work, I wish I had your talent

Stellar work. What kind of resolution do you work at in ZBrush to do something like this?

Looks amazing. Curious how long this took. Also how much would you expect to be paid to create a character of this complexity?

Brillant! I love your scene :wink:

Wow, impressive !!!