Character Switching Tutorial

I have seen in a few places and even the guys I was working with were looking at ways to set up a character switching system. As of late I had seen some more posts asking about how to do something for switching characters and if this is something that has been covered before then just add this to the list of things to help out the community.

For the set of videos I wanted to show how we set up a dynamic switching camera between two different characters, this system can be added upon if you want more characters but I wanted to keep it simple so I stuck with just doing a bool system.
Here is the first video but I will include the link to the playlist under the video if you would like to watch the rest, Hope this helps!

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Project File

Looks great, I will surely follow your videos :slight_smile:

Thank you and thanks for the subscribe to, I am glad you found this useful. I have provided a link to the project file as well for those on the time crunches

This is great, thank you.

No problem! I thought this would be a fun feature to share how to do

Great stuff here EvilOverseer, i have not watched or worked through the tutorial yet but the effect is really nice.
Will report back when i try it :slight_smile:

Awesome, and feedback you give will help anyone out that kinda goes this route and wants to make it more robust. I would have liked to go over how to do multipe character but it was better just to keep it simple for now.
Thanks again ConnerTheScot

Having worked my way through to near the end of part three, eveything is fine up until we need to use a ‘Get Time On Event’ node from the second pin of the sequence.
I have a feeling that this may be a new node introduced in 4.9.0 (have not checked the update notes), so i am currently taking full advantage of my works internet connection and downloading 4.9.0 in to my library.
Apart from that hicc-up on my side, all is good so far!

Ahh dang it my bad, thanks for bringing this up as I should has said in the first video what version of the engine I did this on.
Also you are correct as this is a new feature that they brought into 4.9, I had to figure out how to use the pause and unpause nodes when I needed to adjust the slo-mo event trigger for the third person shooter character Trent on PROXY when we moved our game project from 4.8 to 4.9