Character Swim

Hello there.

I have a walking-jumping character and I’m trying to make it swim i cerain cases. I set everything but it’s no moving up and down.

Only got it working when I set the Default Land Movement Mode to Flying. The problem with this is that I cannot set it back to Walking (when I do that, it doesn’t get any result, it continues moving like flying).

Thank you.

Hey TobiasRusjan,

I am currently working on creating a tutorial for the ThirdPerson Swimmable Water Tutorial which will provide step-by-step directions to get your volume working with some neat post-process effects as well. This tutorial will be coming soon, but no specific time frame can be provided at this time. I am working diligently to get this to the community because it seems to be a very common question for users.

Also I will be using a translucent water material in the Swimmable Water Tutorial, which I will also be posting a bit longer of a tutorial for in the near future. This might take a bit longer to get completed since the directions are a bit more involved and lengthy. Look on the Wiki for updates for this upcoming Tutorial!

In the meantime check out how other users managed to set this up on a different AnswerHub post:


Thank you for the answer, Andrew.

Already checked that link before but couldn’t get it resolved either.

That tutorial will come in handy for sure. I will wait for it.
And the one for the translucent water material will be great too, because that’s another thing we’re having troubles with.

Kind regards,